How many people on here are former TT members who got tired of the bullshit that was allowed to go on in that site...

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Nope I ain't that ment trucking stories....

Sorry,When you said war stories I thought you meant military.Now I know about the war stories on the road.Dealing with ass hole 4 wheelers cutting you off tailgating you so they could save gas by getting directly behind you and flow with you,not using head lght in the rain or even during dusk hours and worst of all not even after it was dark.I,ve got a bunch more to as I,m sure you do to.Any way be safe out there.Ta,Da for now.Dan

Me, I quit TT quite awhile ago because I didn't want to deal with the DRAMA!  I also belong to DMH which is a good adult trucking site.  Lot of oldies but goodies.  chele

Me too.
It's pamarine here, I got tired of the hate, people can say what ever they want,but thats not me, I live to talk to fellow drivers who dont put down other drivers or throw insult at them for their thoughts
Welcome was you that posted about this site that's how I found it....thanks for the heads up about it...
Hiya Pamarine, I've tried to reply to some of your posts but not sure if they've come through or not. Either way have a great evening
I try and ck op18 daily,but sometimes Im just too tired to do anything,but sooner or later I reply,go to see you here!
TT seems to be gone. Don't know if I'm happy about that or not. 



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