How many people on here are former TT members who got tired of the bullshit that was allowed to go on in that site...

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Hiya Peg, hopefully we've found a more mature forum here
I agree there is another fight going on there this morning started by banshee she ran two guys off and one told us about this site thats how I found it...
Just don't tell everyone on TT they're liable to come over here with their drama
Too late....sorry....I thought some adults might like it better...sorry again...
Hiya Pika - welcome to the land of adults :)
Welcome Pika....
Tt has gotten ridiculous i never really posted much just did more reading than anything but now im thinking about deleting app all together
Hiya Eric I'm little_ladytrucker and most here agree 

I,m on this site to.And  can tell you after 32 yrs. on the road,This is how they ventulate there anger of that days misfortunes.I,ve been there,done that.After a few more miles under your belt you,l appreciate this site to.I lost my OTR job because I have MS.And I get on here to help me with my depression over losing that job.As Red Skelton says,God Bless one and all.

Well howdy Dan...hope to get to know ya better and share war stories...been out here 22 years myself...

I was in Vietnam Hope your not talking about the same war.(what a ridiculus war that was).My next door neighbor was also in Vietnam.He was a tank driver and had a opposing tank shell hit his tank and fragments of the shell went into his skull.To this day he can,t remember any thing.He comes over constantly to get my wife to turn on his tv or start his car for him.She even has toshow him how to use a microwave.



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