Cost per litre here in Ontario, Canada has hit $1.30 per litre. There is 3.8 litres in a gallon so we are paying 5 bucks a gallon and climbing. Of course the fuel costs
affect every commodity so we are paying relative increases in costs for food and every necessity of life. How high is the water Mama??

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May 2/11 Stopped at service centre on Hwy.401 near Cambridge/Guelph, Ontario, Canada yesterday and the price of unleaded gas served...was $1.40 per litre. Since there are 3.8 litres in a gallon that amounts to $5.32 a gallon. What a hurtin' machine ...
Well now, we have a Conservative Majority Government...Do you think they will reduce the taxes they take from the fuel costs in order to help the economy? ...after all, transportation costs are reflected in every commodity, including food, clothing, water and every other necessity of life.


Shave off about 8% to 12% of that costs. This equate to about $300 to $900 back each month for one truck as it is for some of our Owner Operators. One of of our large fleets tested out 7 months and ended up at 19.11 % between the two test units average.

Here, from two friends of mine the are Owner Operators. This should lessen the pain at the pump.

We have two trucks that run nationwide; each truck averaging 12,000 miles per month.  We have been using the Xp3 diesel enhancer since April  2011, and the first thing the drivers noticed was increased performance and less black smoke build up on the exhaust stacks.  We keep records on a monthly mileage basis because the different loads and road conditions affect fuel mileage.  On our 2009 Kenworth with a 550 Caterpillar engine we have gained 17% in our fuel savings averaging about $1,068 per month.  In our older 2005 Peterbuilt with the same type 550 Caterpillar engine we are saving about $822 per month for a total savings to our business of $1,890 per month or $22,680 per year.  This is a very significant savings, and I need to mention that it includes the cost of using Xp3.  We would not fill up our trucks without Xp3 and have been known to order it overnight shipped to make sure we do not run out.

Skip & Jeannie

Here is what my client who is an Owner Operator up there said Ed:

Peter A: 6-13-12 My own test is going well and although I haul heavy loads (licensed for 63500 kilo's ) on bush roads, gravel road and highway, I am using less fuel, approx 50 litres less so far and I feel the engine is running smoother with more power!  7-28-12: I am happy with the results so far and will continue to use xp3 in my tank. I have put some in  my lawn mower as well and the old thing seems to be running like a top now! I also have it in my outboard motor and although it is running better.



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