What do you think about that show? Like it? hate it? Think this is exagerating?

For myself, I think this is too much. It can be dangerous sometimes but not all the times like they try to show us on tv!

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I am wondering if you actually know what raises OUR cost of operating for everyone says fuel is the cause HOWEVER as I see it, FUEL is but ONE example to use cause the rates are the main cause and yet rarely ever mentioned by any of ya office people who have never been in a rig and the only time ya see em is when they pass  ya on the hyway or get in your way and ya cuss them out like you were their boss...



Your are correct. Fuel expenses are one but a huge part of it. Look what's going on again out there!! These guys just banged everybody 30 cents more per gallon again! I cannot afford this in my own personal van let alone imagine what it's doing to you guys our there. When I run large trucking companies in my savings spreadsheet with let's say 1200 tractors and I can save them over $2 Mil a year just on fuel cost,alone, that puts this who thin into perspective. My motor coach company is getting 17% back just in fuel saving before less maintenance costs now using the product. Look at your numbers at 17% and let me know how much that would be back to you each month and year Alvin. I would be interested to know and thank you.

The only people in the office that pay any attention to this stuff are the people higher up that pay all of the bills like the COO's, CFO's, and the CEO's. I always have to start with these folks first because when I show them the numbers where they are throwing away, then they listen, then they hook me up with the Maintenance Directors and so forth to get going with their base line testing.

Hope that helps.

I enjoy it to some extent but for a couple of those idiots like Hugh and that other moron. Thing is this. a 6% grade on ice in Alaska and a 6% grade on ice in any other state is still a 6% grade on ice. I get a little tired of drivers who write in how hard that is and nothing can compare to it. Personally, I have more respect for Lisa.

I really like to see the show about people driving back and forth in the snow and ice. I didn't like how they created drama by periodically inserting computer-generated scenes of how an accident might look, if an accident were to happen. 

Well can't say anything. But what about the popularity? Is it gaining or loosing? The whole game comes to that point.

Truck Repair in Orange County

Aside from this, how about gelling issues up there? Call this number when you have time and listen to what some Canadian truckers are saying about issues that affect all truckers in cold climates: Let it play through until the truckers get on the line. There are two of them. It's always best straight from the horses mouth I think, don't you?

(512) 827-0080  Access code is: 8800#        That's 8800 pound.


What are some of the gelling nightmares you guys can share? I'm learning as I listen to all of you and thank you!

I like it,it can be dangerous but who care. I am now watching all show seasons , and  i am finding a lot of manipulated images, like storm effects, false blinding whiteouts, and accelerated images to make more speed sensation.all these things gives me a good feeling as well.

yes it is exgagerated a bit about how fast you go on ice roads and some stuff is cheesy. I run 5k plus a week pulling turnpikes hgwy 2 north thru calgary returning south at nite. in winter its as bad as logging in fort mac. every job has its dangers but irt has some cheesy moments.

Ice road show is very interesting for young new drivers but it is most dangerous. If Ice road for TV show then it is not so dangerous but drivers must be more careful about this show.

After reading some of the thoughts on here about the show, I have to admit until I read them here I thought I was all alone in my thinking.  I like to tune in when I'm high.... ( Before you think it..I'm retired and take it for medical reasons)


The Show" is funnier than Bugs Bunny in an airplane looking for the Air-Brakes!! That Fat cartoon character HUGE sorry HUGH make me laugh the hardest.  What a Moron!  I've seen more smarts from a six volt battery..

The only thing that bothers me is that the public now thinks you are all crazy and drive like maniacs!! (Remember I'm Retired) - So thankfully I'm not included.  I can say sadly that what I'm seeing out there now, makes me happy I'm retired.


Nerves of steel are required in this profession, and even the veterans of the ice roads will feel their blood run as cold as the temperatures outside if something begins to go wrong. The risks are huge....therefore think twice.



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