What do you think about that show? Like it? hate it? Think this is exagerating?

For myself, I think this is too much. It can be dangerous sometimes but not all the times like they try to show us on tv!

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there is like highway 63 from highway 28 to fort mcmurray is also deadly!!!!! so its hard to tell what highway is the most deadiest.. and ive driven across canada and the usa

Gonna make ya mad but ICE ROAD TRUCKER is a REALITY show designed to raise interest in what it takes to get supplies form POINT A to POINT B ect in below liveable conditions and risky driving conditions and they did a real good job of it for I haave never driven the DALTON mountain range but have most all the other hyways in ALASKA.. I have worked along side Carlisle Transport and for Air International Transport as a air pilot mechanic on choppers working in NW here.. So in watching the show, even I called the shops and ask them to tell the drivers NOT TO ADVERTISE that you do not have to use the clutch to shift and then you sit in your chair watching TV and listen to them GRIND the gears off the drives in the trannys.. OK so then you take the driving; THERE is no way on GODS GREEN EARTH you can practice what they do and make it realistic.. Mistakes get made even on first try and I have been part of them.. As far as the RUN FOR THE GOLD insomuch as to who gets the most trips completed gets the bonus is STUPID.. I have called and requested alot of changes in the program so when and if it ever comes back then OK I will see if they listened to me or thought about my issues.. I was part of the movie MOVING ON and it was totally rehearsed replayed and redone so many times but that was the pilot movie to show offf trucking industry and what we did or in fantancy what we could be doing .. WE as truckers SHOULD applaud anyone who wants to invest in a movie which is EXPENSIVE regardless of what REALITY movie ya gonna make and be glad that they are showing what most of the population does not know such as the GATOR hunting shows incoming and they are interesting for NO WAY you gonna rehearse them... Carlisle Transport made alot of money using their equipment HOWEVER the camera men were making DANGEROUS decisions in trying to film the drivers as they drove and that was NERVE RACKING and you can ask anyone there for alot of fights and arguements become of cameramen distracting the driver...I honestly can say I have been there and done that...


What do I think about IRT ??? I respect the fact that a REALITY movie company took the risk to film the trucking industry in NORTH ALASKA and YES it is risky and more so with a camera crew bugging the crap out of ya and YOU not knowing what they putting in their notebooks to use later in TV interview about YOU and YOUR PERSONAL HABITS... There is alot of unrelased footage that can and may be used in a book or another movie.. Dangerous is not the word for driving the DALTON MOUNTAIN RANGE for coming up one side of mountain , the road is solid frozen and at the top the sun is shinning and down the other side with "soft ice" that is way beyond dangerous in every way that you have to rapidly prepare for and that is where alot and MOST major accidents derive from..( I know from experience )  Dangerous ??? Take your mind off driving on ice in the mountains for just a second or two and you may remain part of that mountain not found til spring..

Mr alvin  lee catron

the problem with this show is it makes all truck drivers look like speed demons and idiots

for some of the dumb decsions that the show and drivers make

we already have a bad enuf reputation with the 4 wheeler community and then they see this show 

i have been at it for almost 40 years and would not have wanted to have the auto drivers watch me drive like that and make some really goofy decsions they have made

so it gives them the impression we all run like that for the money

i know we all need to make money but we need to do it safely and with proffesionlism

i consider my self and the drivers i work with professionals as we pull turnpike doubles in canada

i have hauled 5 years and not had an accident and almost all my co drivers which are around 200 pulling the same units

have the lowest accident rate off any group out there

we dont need to to drive in alaska to have bad road conditions

the canadian prairies can get awful bad too

What makes a driver or "all truckers" look like speed demons is that back when first president BUSH caused every one to get training to become someone  they were not quaified to be or interested in being flooded occupations ie Trucking with drivers from all angles and in doing so put women and men out on the hyway who had absolute NO interest in driving or putting in all the hours required or receiving the reality pay instead of "fantancy pay" they were to receive. People being misled into driving destroyed trucking and after the 60's trucking went down hill real real fast with no possibility of returning back because of "deregulation" and alone President Carter not only destroyed the trucking industry but started "union busting" which caused lower pay and lower rates then with weak unions and the downslide of the industry, schooling became popular until the government lost tons of money investing in keeping training compainies ie JB HUNT or SNIDER and many companies like that who trained anyone who signed their name and had a pulse.. That destroyed trucking as we know it today... Defineatly not the older drivers who knew only trucking as an occupation such as I who grandfathered into it since 1955 from farmboy to truckdriver and even though retired, I am still involved..

In reply to those who drive in Canada and think they superior drivers, I respect anyone who can drive in adverse weather and do it cause it is how to get your freight delivered.  And ANYONE in Alaska, Yukon Territory, NW Territory, Nunavut Territories and or Quebec and when you cross over the ARTIC Line in winter weather, then you high risk cause when you break down then you pray for another rig or someone to come along and when you stuck you can die.. For any reason if your truck is stalled, that is where most are burried... It is a slow death and I have found a few on #2 dead frozen and had to call it in to find they been missing for two or three weeks and nobody knew they had taken the route I was on... Most took the lake road over a river iced over and I took the hyway for I was maxed out weight wise..

i think that 99 percent of them stering wheel holders ,would have quit the verry first trip

  Both Hugh Roland and Rick Yem Hugh's buddy both need to be replaced by 2 truckers whom do not and will not BEAT the living crap out of any truck they drive. They don't care about other peoples equipment.

Love the show.That lisa Kelly is one women driver that can handle it.Can,t wait till the new season starts back up.

I would hire Lisa just to have her under my wing so I could wine her dine her and hope to get to know that little chick for she has the expressions I love when doing risky driving ect and the ability to do without someone showing her every detail of her job... I am a Lisa fan from beginning to end for she has an admireable attitude and I love it..

I don't Know how anyone with any real bush experience can watch that show, I'm no pro but for 8 years i was up in Northern ontario hauling logs out of the bush to local mills, I can say that it is a rush, and too bad that the economy has shut down most of the mills up there, but everytime I do see that show makes me laugh at how they portray it, the roads that they are driving on seem alot better then some of the roads I've been on, Yet i will say it isn't easy driving either, As they say you can take the driver out of the bush, but not too many drivers off the highway would be able/willing to run the bush

I cansee were your coming from on the show.But have you seen the other side of the show?Its called IRT deadliest roads.All the drivers on ice road truckers are on there to.They have to ride with a spotter who tells them when their getting to close to the edge of these roads.Oh,did I mention these roads they are using go up into the Himalayas.They come pretty close to the edge before dropping off a cliff over 8000 feet high.Alex dropped out after his first run,Hugh was his normal trash the equipment,but Lisa kept her cool and made the runs she was supposed to.They alsohave some newbies come on the show each week.Hope you can watch this sometime.In my 32 yrs. of OTR I can tell you I,ve been in some places I would never go back to but this show I would definetly never attempt those roads.Scared,no cautious yes.I,m proud of my 32 yrs. of safe driving.



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