Is my trucking career over? Any advice is appreciated.

Hello fellow drivers. Im new to the site and like what I see so far. I need advice. I started my career with Swift in 09 and ended I believe, with Celadon this past June. Before Celadon , I was with US Express for a short period of time. I was termed after 4 mo because I ran over my hrs 15 min. 1st offence. Ive been Termed again from Celadon for an unreported accident. I was turning the rig around at a customers and jack knifed slightly. But being termed from last 2 jobs look really bad. None of the large companies will even give me the time of day. Am I finished?

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No your career never gets over until you feel like its over. There is always a chance to grow and bring new hopes, never make yourself feel down of your past mistakes. Mistakes in life are bound to happen and we should learn from our mistakes. Keep looking forward for a new job with a positive effort and I am sure it will come to your hands. Be true to yourself and and give out your best effort and try not to make the past errors again.

Hello Randolf, it sounds to me like you are experiencing the brunt of the new stricter guidelines of the CSA program. Your PSP record may hold the key to why companies are not interested in hiring you. You can order a copy of your record by visiting the FMCSA website and following the instructions on there. Any discrepancies between your application and what is in your record may be creating the appearance of "undisclosed information". All accidents and incidents, reported by law enforcement and "state partners" (I really am not sure who all that entails or if that means the carriers themselves can contribute to the data) is on that record. Try finding out what your DAC and PSP are saying about you; and you will be able to be more accurate in your efforts to be forthcoming with any prospective employer. I wish you success!

I have gotten lucky. I start work for a really small (3 trucks) company on Monday. No satelites, no electronic logs, no pre pass, nothing. though some of that stuff sucks not having it but at least ill be back otr in 4 days. by the way, thank you Tami, Francisco, and Herbert for your advice

This is crazy. I told the guy I'd be there on Monday but now have a little bit better company wanting me. Ok, a lot better. Ventura, another expediting company out of Indy IN. What to do. The company I have a job with now is really small. Like I said, 3 trucks. Also I cannot take truck home ( I'm 2 hrs away one way ) and no insurance benefits yet. I do not know what to do. I hate to lose out on this guaranteed job but well grass is always greener on the other side. lol  

They told me i'd never drive again too after doing a couple years in prison. i worked for a company in'09 that never let me forget that i was a convict. Then i went to work for a drug/ alcohol center in Tulsa. I told them that i am leaving Monday for a job for a guy with 3 trucks. The grand i clear a month at the rehab doesn't cover my bills as i am married now. The bosses at the rehab love me and told me that they will keep me on even if i only work one day a month. The guy that i am going to drive for has nothing to offer me, but a job. No extras...kinda like it was in '85 when i started. I was honest all the way with this man. Stand on truth and do what's right. After i agreed to work for the one guy, another called with a better sounding deal, BUT, i already gave my word. Pray!!!! And listen...and you will get your answer.

with the info posted, i do not think so..... the little guy will hire, may not be good bennies and pay. With the CSA discrediting companies and drivers, I personally believe your CDL will be a benifit in the near future. Keep trying if this is what you really want to do.


no. my husband was discharged because of accident at swift with only 6 mo exper. even though it was non-dot and not his fault. they can rehire him after 6 mo w/ being at same job and no accidents. right now he is working for a very small company in atlanta. its not the greatest place but it pays the bills and gives him time to clear up his record. these ppl will hire anyone from what i am told. even if you have a felony. so dont worry there are places like this that can give you the opportunity to clear things up and then eventually move on to bigger and better things. we are waiting for about the end of september and he is going to reapply at swift to team w/ his brother. so we will see what happens

You may have a herd time finding a driving job, but your career in trucking doesn't have to end. I'm in the industry and doing it from a whole different angle from my 20 years as Operations Manager at Roadway. It all depends on what you want to do and or what you have to do.

AS an experienced interstate independant owner operator for over 35 years, I have to say this and I am serious but you can apply with a company that thinks you are the greatest but then they send application and information as to what they learned from interviews to insurance company and they refuse to insure you so  company is forced to send you home ............However I will also say that if you serious want a job then there are local delivery or excavation jobs or even alot of offroad but alot of ways to purchase your own truck and do as you wish and NOBODY can fire you then............Ya just either make it or go broke but it is then your choice......



I'm glad everything worked out. Good luck with your new outfit!

My honest advice would be... Find a small company, and stick with them for OVER A YEAR.. no less than a year.. It will be hell. You will hate every day of that year, but in the end, you will have 1 year exp (try for 0 accidents, 0 log violations, 0 anything!) After you have that 1 year, Large companies will look at you again.. Have you checked into USA Truck? Its not that small, but the will take some drivers that most companies will not even look twice at.



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