Is my trucking career over? Any advice is appreciated.

Hello fellow drivers. Im new to the site and like what I see so far. I need advice. I started my career with Swift in 09 and ended I believe, with Celadon this past June. Before Celadon , I was with US Express for a short period of time. I was termed after 4 mo because I ran over my hrs 15 min. 1st offence. Ive been Termed again from Celadon for an unreported accident. I was turning the rig around at a customers and jack knifed slightly. But being termed from last 2 jobs look really bad. None of the large companies will even give me the time of day. Am I finished?

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Ooops, guess I was late on responding lol.. Good luck! & Be safe!!

Not to be mean but yes You are done with your career the DOT rules are very strict you run over your hours once they see that you can end up wit a $5,000 fine plus its two points on your DMV and Daq record. When you don't report an accident and go on with out saying anything to the company they will find out about it from the customer where it happened at. Those two things like that no other company will not hire you. You will be lucky if you don't loose your license for at least a year. 

i'm wondering if my career is over as well driver after being left no choice but to request a level 1 dot inspection because the company refused to fix truck on they wanted me to drive a truck that was not safe to drive the steering gear box went out left front spring broke tread was coming off steer tires o ring on air compressor was bad {fixed o ring myself } would appreciate any suggestions as to what to do to resume career i got out of driving 8 years ago for personal reasons just got back into it this past summer 

According to me RANDY.... your career never gets over until you feel like its over.In any body life, Mistakes in life are bound to happen and we should learn from our mistakes. Keep looking forward for a new job with a positive and good effort and I am sure it will come to your hands..There is always a chance to grow and bring new hopes, never make yourself feel down of your past mistakes,,i hope u will be fine as well..

You should seek the help of a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney so you have an expert on your side to make sure you receive the care and compensation you deserve. 



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