Looking for information for sponsered driver training.....

I am looking at getting into the business and need a good company to work for and that will pay for truck driving school.... can any of you wonderful drivers help me out with some information .

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Yea, they have a reputation, all companies do depending on who you talk to. Schnieder makes fun of JB, JB makes fun of Swift and Swift makes fun of CRST. For the most part it's harmless banter.

If you want trained and want to work for a stable company and don't want to pay for the school here's your chance.



After a year you can go anywhere you want if you don't like it there.

thank you for your input on this matter it is greatly appreciated......


Baylor trucking out of Milan Indiana,They have such a program.They even let you pick how far and what areas you prefer to run in,south,east,midwest,west,northwest I sent a friend of mine there just for that reason.They also have you sign an agreemen to stay on for 1 year.Then you can choose who ever you want to drive for.The only thing he did not like was driving cab overs,but I think now they have gone to long/nose tractors.Course he also lived in Ohio and did,nt have that far to get there.Plus side was they quarantee you to be at home on weekends.That he did like.Unlike Scheider,Jb,swift,Crst Malone,and a few others out there you might be on the road 3 to 4 weeks at a time.That would be your decision,Enjoy it

There is many contract carriers to work for. Most of them offer the same driver package. You can go to a local truck stop and pick up publication and there you will see all the companies and their payment plans. Next question has to be if you want to get paid by them mile, trip or percentage of the load. Weigh your choices out. It all equals out the same in the end I think.



PS Trick this website too


I would check with your state for job retraining programs before getting involved with the companies training programs.  It is always better to be able to make choices on your own than having to know you'll have to stay somewhere until you get your schooling paid off. 

And make we the taxpayers pay for it? Why... Taxpayers are already on the hook for to much. These companies are providing for it, let them handle it. I don't see a problem serving with a company for a year. It's the closest thing to attending the school of hard knocks that noobies have now days, plus they have to get their experience somewhere.

You do know that those company training programs can "fire" you from their program at their discretion?  When that happens they do not prorate their fee for the school which is immediately due and payable at that time.  Vocational retraining is paid out of the unemployment funds which the companies have paid into usually.  If this person lost their job because of downsizing or a company closing they might as well use it.  They still need "on the job" training with a good driver since the only thing a good school is going to do it get you your CDL.  Any school that tells you anything else is lying to you.

Absolutely!   Im going thru it right now, and these job employment agencies are FEDERALLY funded not tax payers money!

Duh! Where do you think those "federal" funds come from if not taxpayers?  Good luck!  And remember, when you get frustrated with dispatch or 4 wheelers, the FIDO rule, "forget it drive on!"

Everybody mocks Swifts but then every company has it's good drivers and bad drivers. If I were in the need of a company to train me I wouldn't hesitate to go to swifts or JB Hunt. Being called a few names is a small price to pay for training if you need it. swift seem to treat their drivers more fairly than others.

One of my favorite subjects ........ #1  When you go to school for truckdriving, YOUR goal is to obtain and qualify for a CDL aka commercial drivers lisence.. Has no practical experience insomuch as learning how to drive for in trucking there are so many variations ie Tanker, Reefer, Flatbed, RGN (aka removeable goose neck) as well as livestock and many other trailers specialized in the trade to haul certain products.. Then when someone thinks they gonna go out and get a semi and make money then I refer them to a local PHYSCO DOCTOR for examination for there are atleast 6 forms of taxes not counting all these counties who write tickets to trucks knowing they forced to pay them regardless if they guilty or not.. I could go on but Trucking is for the BIG companies to teach ya and allow the government to bail them out and not for someone to go purchase a rig and strike out naked not knowing where the next meal will come from ...

There are a lots of companies who provide driver training. Package are also most probably same of all. They provide weekly and daily training programs.



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