Why is it we are classed as professional truck drivers by the police and courts but yet we do not come under the professional category when applying to emigrate ?

Just because it only takes a matter of days to actually  get the license it still takes at least 2 years to gain the experience and skills required.

Would that not be the same as getting a skilled job through an apprenticeship  which also takes 2 years training ?

That is how they class a skilled worker...by the length of time it takes to get the skills required to do the job  PROFESSIONALLY.

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I for one was grandfatered in,6 yrs. first driving bigtrucks on a chaufeurs license.Only thing I neede at that time was to be 25.32 yrs, in all now retired,not by choice though.Flunked my 2yr physical because I have MS.I,m 58 now and boy do I ever miss everybody out there

That's interesting cause the Hwy Patrol ( CHP ) in California refer to us as Clowns....lol




why is it such a hard question to answer ?    i asked a serious question about the transport industry  and all i get back is dumb answers

I agree. I drove a  truck back in the day for 5 years and I can tell you Doctors, you yourself would not sit behind the wheel and do it right the first time and all the book learning in the world isn't going to help you either. You need both with this just like any other profession. Book learning and practice. 

Sound familiar to what you do? Oh, and yes, we have the public safety at hand as well if we make one mistake. 

Very True David,  i would like to get the truck drivers status  changed  from being NON- Professional to PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVER and have the same rights as a person who has trained for 2 years apprenticeship in some college . 

Did you know that if you try to emigrate to another country that truck drivers are classed as NON PROFESSIONAL ?.

When you master a craft and take it seriously, you are a professional. I have known people all of my life with MBA's that called themselves professional and you couldn't even count on them to come to work and do one thing constructive for anybody. A total waste of a paycheck.

It's not all about the sheep skin, it's the person who has it. More and more people looking for work are reviewed on character based now too.

What would you rather have, someone that can recite the encyclopedia, or somebody that comes to work and rolls up their sleeves? Rarely,if ever,  do you find somebody that can do both.

Im still learning after 30 years on the road tom

Wisest answer to this complicated question. When you stop learning, it is time to quit. If you continue to learn you become professional regardless of what 'others' may say.


For me its because many truck drivers give-up the jobs and start another professions. While other professional say doctors stick to the same profession (generally) for life time.

Also many truck drivers are having their own business and the business men are classified separately. (aren't they)

Truck Service in Anaheim, CA

But surely if it was classed as a Professional job then people will not be leaving the job so quickly  having the same status as other professional bodies have.

Pro Driver is a loose term used to describe who? Who actually coined the term and tagged drivers Pro? My point is that there are drivers out here with years and years in and certain don't impress anyone. (except themselves).

Zero disrespect to all the hard working folks out here. We are termed best as "Experienced Drivers".

I agree that drivers have the right to have the “professional truck driver” status.. they deserve it as much as anyone else does. It is unfair to grade a profession demanding loads of dedication and hardwork as NON-professional. Truck drivers deserve the same status as any other professional person.



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