Out of all the Brands of CB Radios which one is the best. - Cobra, Uniden, Texas Ranger, General Lee, Connex, .....

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Nanette, I think it is sort of a personal preference. All those you named are good radios, But Uniden and I only say that because I have found them hard to get worked on. 

I own a connex but don't use it anymore because it started having problems and never could get it fixed right.

That was mainly because it is old and just been abused a little. I now have a Cobra 29 classic that I love.

I had the 29 peaked, tuned, had a connex board added in and it does a great job.

The best thing I can add is ask your self if you will be talking on ssb a lot or no?

If not something like a cobra 29 may be what you like, If you would like more channels, maybe a little more power then connex or Texas Ranger maybe more of your choosing. Hope that helps

I have been running a Bearfoot Cobra 25 Ltd classic for about 11 years. It still works great.

Cobra anything IMO are the best. 

I had a little 25 in fact still have it in the garage at home. It is a very sound little radio.

I like the 29 a little better because of the SWR meter built in.

I be honest with you, Cobra 25, 29, is really all I care about anymore. I need it for shippers / receivers and once in a blue moon chat with someone on 19. I just don't really have the care any longer for the bells and whistles that the others like connex offer..

If you been running a 25 that long you would love a 29 IMO, You can have it peaked, tuned, connex board added on for play and even that little 150 watt kickers added to the back.. Very strong little talking radio.

I personally like my galaxy dx33hp it's somewhat cheap and gets out as far as I will ever need it to

I have used CB radio for 30 years, both in the USA and Europe, I have never used the expensive or highly priced radios, it doesn't matter how expensive or large a radio is, it will eventually breakdown, buy the cheapest one you can and use a firestick antenea. The highest amount I ever paid for any CB was 50 UK pounds, (about $90) and that was extravegant. the radio I use now is a Cobra, I don't even know what model it is but it was given to me buy some fool who paid a huge amount for a bigger one that no doubt has broken down since, don't buy all the expensive kit, just cheap stuff, I never touch my set up, I have had to replace the coax ad antenea once due to wear and tear, I can hear people from across the country, and can talk to people 10 or more miles away if the airwaves are clear............. It's like renting a limo for just you to go to the shopping mall, pointless.

I think Cobra 25 is the best. I never use this but a lots of persons suggested me about that. It is very cheap also.

I like Galaxy but mostly people like Cobra 29.



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