I've been advocating strike mandates for 25 years now. Rates go up and down like a yo-yo,, and we just sit there with our fingers up our noses, while everyone else makes money.

 We have to shut Ontraio down for 3 days, Stop ALL deliveries.  nobody puts a key in an ignition, everyone gets the flu. Here's the deal! I'm more than willing to be the guy who goes to Toronto and stand in front of the Legislature or House or anyone else and tell them why we're striking. Fuel prices first off, taxes second, bad rates and the fuel surcharge ! Now THAT is a problem. Most companies keep a portion of that surcharge and lie that you're getting ALL of it...money they didn't earn, nor deserve! How much crap can we take, and still say "Driver....no one's gonna go for that...you're wasting your time". We have to stop it NOW, and move ahead. DEMAND decent pay, drop the idiot surcharge, and put US up where everyone else is. We work more hours, and get less pay.It's a no brainer. When was the last time you had a COLA? when was the last time your benefits were free. I want to see us be designated an "ESSENTIAL SERVICE". when the government does this it means that the service in question gets tax breaks and, perhaps incentives.....does anyone else think this way? We have a way to go, but need other passengers to climb onboard! Get back to Me and let Me know what you think!

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Comment by Michael P.Dorsey on December 7, 2011 at 7:27pm

I am all for this but let's not be like the "occupy Groups" lets get all our thoughts together then once we have a plan of attack- Strike!

Comment by Robert P.Jones on December 7, 2011 at 6:06pm

What is needed is to have handbills printed. First, the date of the strike, then the reasons why we need to strike. All put simply. Taxes, Tires, pay, bad rates, pay hasn't gone up in 30 years for most owners and drivers. A buck a mile is cheap hauling. you can say NO to cheap freight, but do cheap transport companies think they're doing you a favour? Oh HELL no! They know they aren't! Then, times and dates for town hall meetings to discuss the activity, and some volunteers would be welcome. I'm STILL willing to make time for this, because I believe in better rates. I've been trucking all of My adult life and I'm 61.THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO CONTROL LOBBIES ARE THE ONES WHO DO NOT SAY "THAT'LL NEVER HAPPEN", AND WORK TOWARD THE GOAL THEY SET....How about it...anyone want to give this a whack?


Comment by Michael P.Dorsey on December 5, 2011 at 9:53am

I not sure what its like up in Canada, but down here in the states, the big companies control lobbies that basicly control our government. If we could ever get the Drivers to agree on anything, we would need to first start with a strike, the strike should address the problems with shippers and receivers, the HOS issue, the pay issues, restaints that are placed on owner operators...I could go on and on. That also the problem there are so many issues where do we start.

Comment by Jean Ouellet on November 20, 2011 at 1:32pm

There was talk in Quebec to do the same but drivers don't hang much together so...don't know if it will happen!


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