Hey y'all I got my CDL in 2010 and havent driven as of yet due to military obligations but have been applying with a few companies out there and so far the only one I can get to hire me is CR England but I have seen noting but bad with them in every internet search I do.....what do you all have to say about them?

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wow driver you ask the right question to the right room I drove for them they don't pay good they don't give you money for food or any thing in that matter I will tell you something else don't let them tell you to go to be a lease purchase driver you will lose your home your car everything you have and you will live out of the truck you don't get fuel money they are now in a law suit for stiffing drivers treating like dirt the trainers rape wemon drivers who come there and want to lean to get their license it's not the kind of co you want to work for pass them buy call werner enterprises or ffe they will take new drivers or there are

a few others out there to so don't give up you will find the right one. good luck to you.

Hey Kit I don't know where you got your CDL, but I got mine through Troops 2 Truckers on Camp Pendleton (SoCal) and they had a gig set up with Navajo Express (refer outfit) they're based outta Denver, but run the whole 48 I believe. They're real good at hiring military, so look them up.


Semper Fi,

Danny Jones



Seems most of the major companies are pretty much in line with one another. I put out an inquiry thru Bestdrivingjob.com and received 4 replies in 24 hrs. Swift called within 20 minutes. Looked them all over and the differences were really minor. Checked the online forums and read the complaints most of which I dismissed as peoples unfulfilled or unrealistic expectations. Some complaints were genuine, mainly involving OTR trainers. Many people these days carry some pretty unrealistic value of their services. Most major trucking companies are now publicly traded, they're in business to make money for their investors so if you want to make more money think about buying some stock. Did that in my former profession, bought at $14 a share and sold at $35 a share plus invested in the 401k plan. We've both been in the military, and until you made E-4 life wasn't all that great was it. Good luck.

try swift there not as bad as they say stay away from cr england


I would stay away from CR. I would try with US Express or Werner. Swift isnt all that bad. Most of the big companies are the same as they are all into it together. After you get some driving time under your belt look at some ot the smaller compaines.

I worked (went through orientation) with several CR England drivers that had nothing good to say about them. Same with Steven's Transport based out of Dallas, TX. You break down or get stuck and you can spend your whole paycheck waiting on repairs, motels and living expenses.

There are a lot of companies out there willing to give a vet a job. If you live out east try Smith Transport out of Roaring Springs, PA (they rarely go west of Omaha, NE). Gordon Trucking based in Pacific, WA has many openings and purchased Buske Truck Lines last August so they now have terminals in IL, IN and WI. I've worked for both of these companies and they do treat their drivers pretty good.

Swift likes to keep a short leash on their drivers, they will send a message if you have to deviate from the route they have selected for you to run. Werner is okay but likes to short haul/swap loads between drivers. You get a load out of LA for Florida and you give it away before you get past El Paso, TX. JB Hunt is getting more into regional, dedicated and inter-modal types of transportation which gets you home more often and does look at vets & new drivers to hire. Knight Transport isn't too bad to begin with from what I've heard but the pay scale doesn't advance much as you gain experience and they are mostly regional though they do offer some OTR/48 state driving.

A lot will depend on where you choose to live once your service is up who will or will not hire you. Companies looking for drivers might not have anything open in the terminal close to your home. There are many employment website such as Careersintrucking.com, everytruckjob.com, Bestdrivingjobs.com and others that can help begin the search. You can also go to the company websites and see what they require and offer. If you have been driving in the service  there are a lot of them that will recognize that experience even if they place you in as a "graduate" or "inexperienced" driver.

Just remember if it sounds too good to be true in what they offer then it probably is.

just say no !!! there are plenty of companies out there hiring. cre would be my LAST CHOICE !!!

everything i have seen posted here is true. 

They gave me nothing but heartache. I got the lease purchase program from them and this was back in 98  drove then truck from Salt Lake to Evanston,WY and Back and had me sit in Evanston for 3 days til I decided to drive back and park the truck I was so upset and gave them the keys and said I was done and still till this day they have been trying to collect the total cost of the truck from me ( 98 Freightliner Classic ) this is now 2012 and it has not even dropped form my credit and has been haunting me til this day as well from buying a home or a car. Steer clear of the the England family. Amen!






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