About a month and a half ago I found out that the Truck that I use at work had an exhaust leak and fumes were getting into the cab. The truck was taken out of service and fixed. It was in the shop for 4 weeks. After it was fixed I used the truck for another 3 weeks and guess what? The same thing happened except it was much worst. I woke up one night gagging and choking on exhaust fumes. The truck is a 2012 INTERNATIONAL PRO-STAR plus. It is not even a year old. I have some of the effects of in this link. I was thinking I should be compensated for my health risk, but by who??


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i have driven international for a couple years and the new equipment seemsto have a peice of flex hose under right side of cab that seems to let fumes out through its fibers funny eh i was told they use that flex house cause of the movment of the cab but at what cost driver health

Well today  got dragged into the office of the lease company and got an ear full cause I posted this on Facebook.That just proves that they don't care about the driver but only their IMAGE They said I slandered the company and service manager even threaten to have me fired.

If an accident happens the driver will be blamed and nothing will be said about the equipment.

School buses use the same engine that I am having problems with

So at what point will something be done about it. Will someone have to die to get this taken care of?

Right now they are changing parts with the same part that will eventually  do the same thing.

It makes no sense... 

The Canadian government will begin emissions testing on older heavy trucks soon....but it seems that low sulfur diesel fuel here, has been very effective...why do so many truckers and even smaller diesel owners, persist in running their engines while parked, polluting and stinking for no apparent reason. Why not a penalty for idling, as we have with cars? Does the pollution not enter everybody's cab?  The unending idling does affect your bottom line in fuel costs as well as your health and the health of our world.

Our PornStar had the same problem, its an 08 but that ribbed flexpipe leaked and had to be replaced. They all leak, anywhere theres a join in the pipe where the overlap is not in the opposed direction as exhaust flow it will leak, but more so when its underload and working. Could you imagine how much air is coming out of that stack when its got 40psi of boost going into the engine? (ISX) More importantly, the drivers should spend the time to check this kind of stuff on their PRE TRIPS! If there is a problem, let someone know. You are allowed to refuse UNSAFE work.

the truck that new should be under warrenty, call the dealer where it was purchased at. sharon michigan

One of the owner-operdtors I drove for had 1 of his tractors that did this.A fellow driver Was found dead in his sleeper at a truck stop in Michagin called the Detroitor.Catching some zees and the carbon manoxides intake caused his death.After that incident and a lawsuit by his family this owner-op hired a personal mechanic to oversee all his equipment so this did not happen again.Costly yes,But health wise smart.


That's an issue in itself . Bad diesel exhaust can cause a lot of harm as far as your heath as you know and those around you. Here is an option to reduce your carbon footprint up to 60% and you'll save on fuel too. It's working for these guys. Watch how it burns in the lab video. I do this live in front of people all of the time. 



It is not just carbon monoxide that you will be breathing if the truck is a newer 1 with a DEF system on it.  That puts ammonia into the mix as well and will cause major breathing problems.  Volvo has a recall on the DEF system for replacing the entire system now.  If you smell any ammonia in the cab, park it and refuse to drive it.  You can try filing for workmans compensation, but good luck on that since it has been a while since it happened to you.

I don't like the sound of the whole DEF thing Barbara. I agree. I'm going to do more research on this aspect of it.

The more research you do the scarier it gets.  DEF can convert to dioxin(?) the "agent orange" of Vietman and Times Beach, Mo. fame.  I've read research from Europe where they use it, but the system and their trucks are designed different from ours.  That research says the DEF systems here are going to have a lot of problems.

Incredible! We already know the other downsides of it like low freezing temps and that's where we step in with our product to offset it. This aspect you bring up is interesting and you are right, scary. Thanks for bringing up.

Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way.  Just wish there had been more information out there.  My doctors tell me that I'm probably going to be the "tip of the iceberg".



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