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When I was parking on a street, for the night, in Coquitlam(Which is a city right by North Vancouver) I got a phone call from the bi-law that I can't park there. There were only two places that he told me, where trucks were allowed. One was on Aberdeen Road  which is off a 4 lane street called Barnette Drive. So I started to park there. But a few weeks later Vancouver got a fews of snow and they piled the snow on the corner of the street, where I need to make my turn at to get onto Aberdeen Road. Well I was not able to make my turn with my Kenworth with a fifth wheel trailer. So I had to call the RCMP to assist me so I can back out of this TRUCK ROUTE STREET onto Barnetted Drive. If I didn't wait for 2 hours for the RCMP to assist me I guarantee you that I would have gotten a ticket in the mail because they had cameras at the intersection! I'm telling you I was some pissed off! They had no common sense to just push the snow into the bush which is the ditch. They had to pile it on the street instead, on a street where truckers need to get into! With the snow there I was not able to make turn, wide enough, to get around the corner. I heard about those truck route GPS's which I have been wanted to buy. But it won't help me in all the time because I have to make deliveries in residential areas.


Running a Rand in the Mack! For the most part its okay. Montreal can be frustrating.
Have a TomTom for backup and my iphone with google maps.
All of them are nice. Had the Rand freeze up on me once.
Bottom line is i like the Rand. Nice features. But $400????

Although driving a 4wheeler, I was all over the Montreal area and downtown for over 2 years before I tried my GPS phone app (from Verizon) and realized it didn't work in Canada! Shows how much I needed GPS in Montreal and I don't even speak French! I usually don't even take a map when driving the island anymore. Now road alerts and traffic jams are an entirely different thing here. WOW! CHOM 97.7FM is the best answer for that so you can also rock out while being stuck in between in never-never land -lol

PC Miler offers up software that will work with your gps. This is one one the most complete truck mapping software.

Check it out. I have tried 4 gps systems and have been routed into the middle of nowhere.






GPS ???   OK for now I am realliy flashing back to the early days of trucking when a map did the job and then map + cell phone and then with our new plastic coated Atlas map books and flashlights and cell phones we were never to get confused any more but now it is all totally dependant on electronic gagets that rarely get updated but the weird part is hardly NOBODY takes the time to call the receiver and asks the question for maybe the delivery point has a FORCED change point of delivery on it because of a malfunction of equipment or lack of space to place your product or even the delivery time has to be changed because of some unforseen problem so LET'S return to the old ways and enjoy the privilidge of having a paying job and learning to appreciate the schedule and problems of the receiver and foreget the word SUE for hours of detention for something totally uncontrollable... Too many "lemosine drivers" out there that cannot afford a VW bug... Dispatchers are not responsible for your delivery problems as you might think because they normally want for you to take responsibility and notify the shipper to ask directions and or affirm delivery appointments for your own information... Even now days when life is to have changed so much, DRIVERS still have to THINK...


Just started using a Rand Mcnally GPS works just fine.It has a couple of times lost it's marbles,but reclacuates and corrects itself.Had used a magellen roadmate prior to the Rand. it was alright but the screen was to small for my old eyes.Still use a map once in a while can't beat them.Common sense comes in handy also when in a new terrirtory. My iphone also works good but heffty fines for using while driving,also small screen.

I have the Cobra 5550 GPS... it likes to freeze when you are driving and select a nearby truck stop to navigate too. And a few time when I push the screen to go to the menu it screws up... Not a very good GPS.. also so far I noticed it routes you wrong going I-44 south connecting to I-40 in OkCity...

I have two stanavs on my Android phone, the basic Droid one and VZ navigator, I have used them about 5 times in 2 years, I am not native to the USA and shouldn't know my way around like the people who have lived here all their lives but using a map to find the best route is far better than any satelite guided device. If you rely on such devices you have no right to be driving for a living....... Use a road atlas and call for directions if lost.

How do you think we got on before such things were invented ? I started driving large trucks in 1975 and got everywhere without help from and such thing.

In short... If you need a sat nav to get around get a desk job.

In my opinion, Rand McNally IntelliRoute® TND™ 720 is the best one. The device has many feature that which will be helpful and user-friendly. The device has many feature like Wi-Fi connected services: weather, fuel prices, local search, and traffic, Fuel logs, including fuel economy. Mileage logs and driving timers. Route comparison Mile markers and exit information​, Travel centers with search-able amenities, Customization of warnings and alerts.

The stand alone GPS for trucks include Teletype World Nav 7200, Goodyear GY500X, Garmin Streetpilot 7200, Garmin Nuvi 5000. Each one has its specific features. Buy as per your needs.



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