Hello fellows , as a former/retired truck driver I think we should help each other find a place to park/rest/eat/sleep/visit/fuel when we're out on the road & operating/driving in a location/area/strange place/city/town/county that we're not use to. My Next Post/Comment Will Be About Places That I Know Of , ok. Notice/Remark : I know how some of us Park in shopping centers/stores/fuel stops , So Please let me give some Advice if you don't mind. When parking at walmart/stores/shopping centers try to park near the back of the lot - park your rig straight - don't block driveways/fire lanes - DO NOT throw trash & pee bottles out in the lot - We Don't Need to be parking close to the "front door" of the store & blocking traffic (thats why we/big trucks are being barred from parking lots/stores) - lets use a little "common sense" & show a little respect when parking at these locations , ok. My Next Post/Comment/Remark Will Be Places/Area's That I Know Of Around Where I Live or Places That I Know Of From My Old Truck'n Days. Ya'll Jump In Here With Your Idea's/Remarks About Places You Know Of. Let's Help Each Other , Right ?  Note; if I can help just one driver/person , I've done my job , right. REMEMBER - THIS IS FOR ANYTHING TO DO WITH/ABOUT PARKING ETC , OK FILL FREE TO JUMP IN HERE WITH YOUR IDEAS/REMARKS/CONVERSATION (LETS TRY TO KEEP THE TALK ETC CLEAN OK) !   Ya'll Be Safe/Good Out There ! ! !



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As promised , I'm about 12 miles west of Palatka,Fl (Fl SR 20) heading towards Gainesville,Fl. The Walmart in Palatka has truck parking. I have seen trucks there b4 at nite (check with mgmt about overnite,ok). Their security trk patrols the lot & I have not saw them (or the police) "mess" with trks,ok. Pls park near the back-off to the side-out of "firelane". Truck entrance is marked with a sign from Fl SR 19 (at 2nd traffic lite south of SR 20) . This info is for drivers loading/unloading at the GP Mill or other locations around town or drivers just passing thru,ok.

Ref Parking: When passing thru Interlachen,Fl (Fl SR 20 & Co Hwy 315) you will notice a Kangaroo Gas Station on the southside (1/2 block east of traffic lite - where the 4-lane starts)(be aware there is a traffic cop in this "little" town , speed limit is 35mph in town & increases to 45mph as you head eastbound on the 4-lane). The Kangaroo is open 24hr & they do have truck fuel & Subway (Subway is closed late at nite) , the station has snacks/drinks/coffee etc. If you notice in the back of the station down the small road/driveway in the curve , off to the side on the sand/grass/dirt/shoulder there is room for a small number of trucks to park (don't block this little road - its a fire-lane & access road,ok).You will notice that there may be other trucks there too , company/private/log & other types of trucks (many drivers park their rigs here for their "time off" - most of them park overnite to go home). The local cop & sheriffs deputies come in & out (patrol) all the time (the Putnam Co Sheriffs substation is across  the street). The Police don't bother the trucks , unless you are blocking the fire-lane,ok. NOTICE: for your "trip planning" , this location (Fl SR 20 & Co Hwy 315) is about 12 mi w of Palatka.Fl & about 10-12 mi e of Hawthorne,Fl (US Hwy 301 & Fl SR 20)(about 40-50 min from Gainesville,Fl - I-75/US 441 & other major hwy's). I hope this info helps someone , ok. Ya'll Be Safe & Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do ? ?


Ref Parking: To help the drivers headed towards south Florida (ya'll know how hard it is to find places down there) , I have placed a truck stop listing for ya'll , ok. Click on "listings" at the top of page - click on "general" & you will see their website. Its The 595 Truck Stop. (it also has listed their current fuel price , etc , ok) ... Be Safe ! ...

Ref Parking: This is for you drivers headed south out of Palatka,Fl (US 17-Fl SR 100-Fl SR 207). Beware , going south on US 17 towards Deland & Orlando,Fl , there is Little to No Parking until you get down to I-4 ! / If you are headed towards St Augustine , you may find a place along the hwy or gas station (tight places) to "see mother nature" , until you get to I-95. If you are headed towards Daytona Beach area , you may find a couple of places along the hwy or a place in Bunnell (US Hwy 1) or you can find parking etc at the Love's north of Daytona (Ormond Beach) , I Think they call the place National Gardens (there use to be an old "Fina" trk stop there (if you "old timers" remember that). / If it helps , here are directions , ok. Going South out of Palatka,Fl / (1) To Orlando - Stay on US 17 south (below town-hwy turns back to a two lane road) , B4 you get to Deleon Springs,Fl , the four lane starts again , if you can stay in right lane , "bear"/"turn" right SR 15 (truck route around Deland) , go south on 15 & you will come to the "deadend" , turn right on US 17 stay in right lane if you can , about 1 1/2-2 miles you will notice very large sign (expressway to I-4 , Orlando - SR 472) , I-4 will be about 2mi , ok / (2) To ST Augustine,Fl / Go south on US 17 (you will now be in East Palatka) , if you can stay in left lane for about 1 1/2-2 mi to SR 207 turn left - you are now headed towards the Atlantic Ocean (I-95), no more turns (about halfway this is one of the area's they grow potatos & cabbage) (3) Drivers headed south towards Daytona / US 17 south (State Farmers Mrkt - on the right - parking allowed , food next door)(south of town - weight station in the center of hwy , sometimes open or closed , if you get my drift) , (if you can stay in left lane) about 1 1/2-2 mi go/turn left on SR 100 East (sharp curve-B4 four lane ends) (after you go around the curves , 1 mi , the speed limit is 60mph) (watch for slow moving tractors-farm equipment as you get close to Bunnell (this is one of the area's where they grow the potatos/cabbage - also at nite beware of the "deer" along this hwy). Stay on 100 to US Hwy 1 , turn left at the traffic lite (you will now be headed south) , as you get close to I-95 be in the left lane for Love's truck stop & making your turns also for I-95 north & south. I hope this info is helpful , ok. 


They have many a rest areas in Ohio and some just started up in Ky that has parking for big trucks only,no 4 wheelers allowed.Traveling north75thruOhio or South 75 thru Ohio.I jus wish all states would do the same thing.

Missouri has a few like that on I-70. The only problem is that there are no facilities at these parking areas. Not even porta johns. 

Jason's law ....... has really not done that much as of such for increased parking ......... I don't know if our leaders are taking this stuff seriously enough. A lot of the newer rest areas are being built to impress people, not to provide ample parking. Some states need to travel around and go to places like Texas, or the big rest areas in PA, where there is plenty of room for parking as well as getting in and out of spaces. Further, it is now complicated by those who pull trailers behind cars, taking up room even when car trailer parking is provided in truck spaces.

I don't know if people know that Walmart is not the only trucker friendly big chain! 

But there are alot of HOME DEPO's that are also trucker friendly.  Please make sure you do not park in the fire lanes.   I usually park in the rear & most of them have free WiFi!  The one thing I have found is that you have to LOOK for the signs that say no over nite parking, for some towns do not let Big Truck parking in their  shopping centers.

Drivers Beware ! Let me tell ya'll what happened to me back in 2006 while I was driving for American Eagle (Dallas,Tx)-(before I got cancer in 09'-been cured ok). I was parked overnite at the Pilot in Memphis(the one thats not on the corner-the 2nd one , Shelby&Lamar - US Hwy 78). I got up about 0530hrs to get my coffee-I don't do anything in the morning until I've had my coffee/check my paperwork-check again to see where the receiver is located(my maps-all drivers Need one)/watch tv news/and check my truck(tires,pretrip etc).I was parked,backed into a space along the old wooden fence (east side of the lot) , as I was drinking my coffee,I walked around back to check the rear of trailer - the rightside door was ajar/cracked open , the seal was laying (cut) on the ground , a piece of the lock was still hanging in the door & the rest of it was laying on the ground. I was not a "happy camper",now I got to go call Memphis PD & report the break-in. While waiting for them to show up I walked back to the area & noticed that 6 other trucks parked close to me were also broke into. A couple of the drivers were still asleep so I woke them up to give them the "good news"-they were thankfull & upset too , I told them that that Memphis PD were on the way to take my report. My trk was American Eagle , the others were Schiender(or however you spell it)/JB Hunt/PTL/Swift & a couple of Owner Operator's. I asked the cop if he was going to take finger prints or anything from the trk or door,he said no-it was just a simple break-in,I asked if he was going to notify the Memphis FBI (interstate truck theft unit),he said no (I don't think he wanted to do the paperwork) ! They use to have that unit when I drove because of the high thefts in the Memphis/West Memphis,Ar area.I took his report & called my company & reported the theft/break-in to Safety Dept. I was lucky,the load I had was not a "high value" load , I took my "bol" & tried to do a little counting , nothing seemed to be missing-the outlaws didn't feel like messing with my load thank God! A couple of the drivers had some "high value" stuf (I don't need to explain what). This is a True story-take my word for it. The Moral of Story : Drivers , Keep Your Eye Out For Your Load / Do Your Pretrip Walk-Around In The Morning Or Else , You'll Start Driving Down The Road In The Morning with Your Trailer Doors Swinging Open / Watch Where You Park / Check Out The Parking Area / Try To Park In Well Lighted Areas / Check To See If Your Parking City Is A "High Risk" City / Don't Tell Others (Even Your Friends,Drivers,Lot Lizards & Those On The Radio (the ole 2-way) - Remember , Its No Ones Business What Your Carrying/Hauling Or Even Where Your Heading ! (They Might Be Waiting Down The Road For You) Thanks For Reading This Post ! Ya'll Be Safe / Good !

Most "Travel Centers" that ARE NOT in the city would be my 1st choice. Some Rest Areas.. and my backup plan when there is no parking... Walmart!...lol



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